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Help TOC Knowledge to be ever flourishing

  Teaching the world to think An excerpt of the “Introduction to the first edition of The Goal” by Eliyahu M. Goldratt … I view science as nothing more than an understanding of the way the world is and why … Continue reading

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Get the latest TOC developments

Get the latest TOC developments The TOCICO 2011 International Conference held in Palisades, New York was a unique and memorable one, presenting the latest TOC developments by Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt and 29 other insightful and valuable presentations about different … Continue reading

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Managing the Theory of Constraints Way (ManTOC)

This 9-month program aims at developing people’s ability to facilitate the delivery of real results with TOC through focused improvement projects that will make an impact on the bottom line. The objective is to develop deep TOC understanding and a … Continue reading

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Apply the powerful insights and thinking processes

The Odyssey Program This program is aimed at helping attendees develop and apply critical thinking skills to discover the cause-effect patterns, generic conflicts and assumptions that limit success in the various aspects of their life (e.g. wealth, health and happiness) … Continue reading

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