Getting On Time & Reducing Lead Times – An Article

Job Shop Scheduling –
The Secret To Getting On Time & Reducing Lead Times

By “Dr Lisa” Lang


There’s no question that scheduling a custom job shop has its challenges.. And, every time we encounter one of the many challenges, our schedule is out-of-date and we need to update the schedule.

In fact, don’t we spend A LOT of time updating the schedule? Here are just a few of the common scheduling challenges that cause us to continually update the schedule:1

  1. Clients change their mind
  2. Vendors aren’t always reliable
  3. Mix can vary wildly and so our constraint move
  4. Employees do not always have the right skill and their discipline is lacking
  5. Processes are not reliable
  6. Machines and tools break
  7. Quality is not near perfect
  8. Data is not readily available, accurate or communicated
  9. Communication between silos is difficult

But, there is also no question that scheduling plays a big role in our on time delivery performance and lead time. And, our on time delivery performance, along with our lead times, determines our competitive position within our industry.


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