Goldratt’s Golden Nugget #14

Sustaining Continuous Growth

It is common to see, in mature TOC production implementations, that once sales have increased and the CCRs were elevated, the number of red orders might start to increase. If no corrective actions are taken, further increase in sales will cause the DDP performance to deteriorate (number of blacks increase) which endangers the decisive competitive edge of the company. Since in a VV implementation we want to continuously increase sales, the S&T guides us to put in place the mechanisms that should be used for further increase of capacity and for adjusting the buffers. The intention of this nugget is to deepen our cause and effect understanding that underlie those mechanisms.

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Capacity Control in MTA
by Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt

In this video extract, Dr. Goldratt presents the Strategies and Tactics to ensure that protective capacity is always available to sustain the growth when implementing the TOC solution when moving from Make to Stock to Make to Availability.

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