Strategic Solutions European Program 2011 – Six-module program conducted by Goldratt Schools

Strategic Solutions European Program

Starts March 21st:

List of Modules:

  • Module 1 – Management Tools for Analysis, Solution Development and People Management (TOC Thinking Processes)
  • Module 2 – Project Management
  • Module 3 – Production Management – Make to Order and Make to Availability
  • Module 4 – Managing Inventory in Distribution and Retail
  • Module 5 – Managing Operations and Market Offers in Service Companies
  • Module 6 – Approaching the Market – Developing and Selling Value Offers

Every module of the program presents a detailed structured solution for the area under study.

For every solution participants will be:

  • Learning the essence and implementation sequence of the solution elements
  • Verifying that every solution element fits their specific business environment
  • Checking every solution element for viability and no risks
  • Learning mechanics for solution implementation
  • Developing specific procedures to ensure that solution will successfully function


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