Explore the foundations of Theory of Constraints

If you know the basics about the Theory of Constraints and are looking for something to help you reach the next step and start applying the concepts in your daily activities, the Theory of Constraints Self Learning Package is the tool that you must own, and during April we are giving it at a very special price.

These are some testimonials from other like you, that have experienced it:

Peter Templeton
Principal Software & Systems Engineer
UK Medical Devices Company.

“We have to grapple with the needs of high product integrity and competitive pressure for time to market. In short, our success depends on the ability to use development time effectively – the reason why we are looking at the Critical Chain Project Management Method. Goldratt’s ‘Critical Chain’ novel is a good starting point, but we needed something to help us to explore the foundations of the method. I found the TOC-SLP an effective ‘next step’ and consider it highly suitable for colleagues – especially those who never get around to reading many books!”

Robert Wotherspoon
Technology Works, Inc.

“This is a great course! The TOC Self Learning Programs are well worth the investment and I would suggest it for those who are serious about looking at TOC.”

Jan Wright
Senior Consultant, ToBeDecided AS

“Many thanks for an excellent guide to TOC as these CDs really are!”


Click here and learn how to apply TOC


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