Highlights of CCPM, the TOC way of managing projects



Highlights of CCPM – Critical Chain Project Management
The TOC way of managing projects

By Oded Cohen – International Director – Goldratt Schools



For many years the systemic approach to improve systems dealt with three major issues: the problem, the solution and implementation of the solution.

Theory of constraints (TOC) has taken this approach further with the constant view of providing the managerial and analytical tools for handling the process of improvement. These tools ensure a high impact with a minimal level of effort and provide significant return for the investment in making it happen. TOC is also the explicit fourth step in providing an engine for continuous improvement to ensure that systems never rest on their laurels but continue to grow and achieve higher and higher performance relative to their goals.

CCPM – Critical Chain Project Management is the TOC solution for better managing projects. It is a knowledge-based approach.

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Emcocables results applying CCPM

Case study explaining how Emcocables, a Colombian-based wire manufacturing firm whose products include pre-stress concrete, electrical conductors, wires and more, managed to shorten the time to open a new factory by 25% by applying CCPM, and how they quickly and successfully took advantage of new marketplace opportunities.

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Strategic Solutions European Program  

Project Management the TOC Way Module

Critical Chain Project Management, CCPM

2-5 May 2011, Italy

  • Day 1 – TOC approach to managing systems
  • Day 2 – Project Planning
  • Day 3 – Execution Control
  • Day 4 – Multi-project Environment

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