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Get the latest TOC developments The TOCICO 2011 International Conference held in Palisades, New York was a unique and memorable one, presenting the latest TOC developments by Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt and 29 other insightful and valuable presentations about different areas of the TOC implementation:
Eli Goldratt’s latest development

  • Never say I know

Thinking Processes

  • The application of TOC-TP in a School Improvement Plan.
  • The Systemic Cloud.


  • Increase capacity in the Cooper Industry.
  • Replenishment production in a Healthcare Equipment Manufacturer.
  • Pricing the TOC Way to reliably make (more) money in manufacturers of custom products.
  • Reducing Hassle for the clients of a plastic injection moulding manufacturing company.


  • Reducing shortage while reducing inventory in a Healthcare Equipment Manufacturer.
  • Applying TOC Distribution on a High Demand Variability Environment.

Project Management

  • A new breakthrough tool for reducing changes in Projects by 50%.
  • Break the Vicious Cycle in projects and achieve bottom line results.
  • The Project Factory. Over 90% of the projects on time and within budget.
  • A Visual Project Management tool to help getting things done.


  • Applying TOC Thinking to Effectively Manage Merchandise – a Case Study in Jewelry Retail
  • Achieving Viable Vision in fashion footwear retail chain.
  • Implementation of TOC in a Fashion oriented aparell retailer.

Holistic Implementation and Ongoing Improvement

  • Theory of Constraints Tapped to Accelerate BP’s Gulf of Mexico Cleanup.
  • TOC Massive Implementation on SMEs.
  • SDAIS – A Roadmap for Continuous Business Success.
  • The Path to Success: How to Make Any Implementation Successful.
  • Structured Practical Techniques for Implementing TOC.
  • Holistic TOC implementation in a plastic injection moulding manufacturing company.

Cash Constraint

  • Implementing TOC in a Cash Constrained Organization

Challenges in Implementation

  • The Important Role of the Transition Period in TOC Implementations
  • Personal Challenges in Implementing TOC

World Development and Public Sector

  • Managing change in urban water utilities in developing countries.
  • Building a more efficient government in Utah’s Department of Workforce Services.
  • How to deal with the exponential population growth and the finite scarce resources.
  • Using Critical Chains to Pull More and More Families out of the Favelas of Brazil, while taking top line to bottom line in 12 months.


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