Goldratt Strategy and Tactics – A step-by-step guide for change

The power to take action towards implementation

As per Dr. Eli Goldratt’s request, attendees of the 2011 TOCICO International Conference were provided the opportunity to review the Critical Chain Project Management Strategy and Tactic tree presented by Dr. Goldratt in order to be prepared for Eli’s two-day upgrade. This same video material has been re-released as the Goldratt Strategy & Tactic program.

The Goldratt Strategy & Tactic solutions give the viewer the power to take action towards implementation. Presenting the content in a logical, common sense way, the Strategy and Tactic tool offers a step-by-step guide for change.

There are two programs available, Project Management (GST CCPM) and moving from Make-to-Stock to Make-to-Availability (GST MTA).


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