Managing the Theory of Constraints Way (ManTOC)

This 9-month program aims at developing people’s ability to facilitate the delivery of real results with TOC through focused improvement projects that will make an impact on the bottom line. The objective is to develop deep TOC understanding and a real time business application that can potentially deliver improvements and financial benefits. 

Over the duration of the program, the participants shall work on bringing tangible improvements in their areas of responsibility and undertake assessment to be declared as certified TOC Practitioner. As a TOC Practitioner, they will be able to deliver all the general TOC education that would be required to facilitate implementation of improvement projects with relevant material supplied by Goldratt Schools.


Presented by: Tata Management Training Centre
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+91 20 66091095 / 66091027
+91 9225508504 / 9225508503
Dates Location
Jul 11 to Apr 27, 2012
Pune, India


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