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How Dr. Eli Goldratt chose what to present on the first two days at the TOCICO Annual Conference

An excerpt from a lecture that was given by Eli on May 5, 2011, at the Goldratt House.

“I asked myself a very simple, straightforward question: ‘What would justify my presentation?’ By this I mean to ask two things – the first is what is expected from me, by the TOC community, by those coming to the TOCICO; and the second is what I want to share with the TOC community to allow its continual growth. In other words, I was asking myself ‘What is new TOC knowledge?’

“The answer, I discovered, is four-fold. The first criterion is that while the knowledge must be new, it must also be continuous. Obviously, the new knowledge cannot go against what has been said directly – it should not, if we have done due diligence on our analysis to date. The new knowledge has to relate to what has been said already, to the existing terminology and practices.

“And this leads me to the second criterion of my answer that the new knowledge has to enhance the existing knowledge. And by enhance I mean it has to blow the ship out of the water completely. If the power of the new knowledge is not at least double that of the existing knowledge, it does not enhance it sufficiently for me to call it ‘new’.

“The third criterion is closely related to the former. While the second issue is the power of the upgrade, the third is that of its scope. Such new knowledge must upgrade all the material. It cannot be only a tweak to one S&T tree; it cannot be a refreshed look at a conflict cloud. It has to be something fundamental that will influence everything we do.

“Of course, and this is the last point, in order to be new, it should be based only on developments within the last relevant period. In this case, the relevant time is that which lapsed between the two TOC-ICO conferences: 12 months of development. And I believe that one year is a good amount of time to reflect on the advancement of knowledge.

“Of course, all that was left for me was to find such knowledge…luckily, I did.”

This year is the first time that Dr. Eli Goldratt’s two-day Upgrade session will be made available with the 2011 TOCICO Conference DVDs. The following is an excerpt from the first day of Dr. Goldratt’s upgrade:

TOC Upgrade Welcoming Session – 2011 TOCICO International Conference

Introduction to "Never say I know"

The 2011 TOCICO Practitioner Upgrade, was designed and prepared by Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt and delivered by TOC Practitioners during the 2011 TOCICO International Conference in Palisades, NY. This video shares Dr. Goldratt ‘s criteria to select the topics to be addressed during the upgrade sessions.

Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt’s last developement was the process to ensure the permanent evolution of TOC. Under the topic of "Never say I know", it was formally introduced during the 2011 TOCICO Practitioner Upgrade at the TOCICO International Conference in Palisades, NY.

As part of Dr. Eli Goldratt upgrade session, two segments of the Goldratt Satellite Program on Project Management were presented. Access to these segments will be made free of charge until available until July 10th.

The biggest killer of time that exists

How the Israeli airforce reduced dramatically maintenance lead time

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