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Goldratt’s Golden Nugget #15 – Freezing in projects

The significance of freeze As we all are very well aware, bad multi-tasking is a big sore evil that has major negative effects on performances in any environment, and in particular in projects environment. To diminish bad multi-tasking in projects … Continue reading

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The Pillars of TOC – To live a full and meaningful life

To live a full and meaningful life Dr. Eli Goldratt’s last development was the process to ensure the permanent evolution of the Theory of Constraints (TOC). He claimed that in order to live a full and meaningful life we need … Continue reading

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Making change inside your Organization

Self learning tools to manage the TOC way TOC has been known for its simple and practical breakthrough solutions. There are ample examples and references demonstrating and recording the benefits that these solution have been bringing to the companies that … Continue reading

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