Making change inside your Organization

Self learning tools to manage the TOC way

TOC has been known for its simple and practical breakthrough solutions. There are ample examples and references demonstrating and recording the benefits that these solution have been bringing to the companies that have implemented them.

Yet, managers who try to lead their people through the change to managing the TOC way are finding this task quite challenging.

There are a set of tools that can make this task of managing the TOC Way easier:

Self Learning Program on Sales an Buy-in
Helps you understand a systematic way to perform the internal sale and to overcome resistance to change.
Self Learning Program on Managing People
Presents the TOC logical approach to conflict resolution, empowerment, team building, and provides powerful methods to manage people. In the long term this program probably provides the most important know-how.
Leading People Through Change Book
In this book Goldratt Schools faculty share their views and experience with the managers who want to lead their people through change.

These tools can be purchased individually or bundled together as a special package with a discounted price until July 31st, 2011.


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