The Pillars of TOC – To live a full and meaningful life

To live a full and meaningful life

Dr. Eli Goldratt’s last development was the process to ensure the permanent evolution of the Theory of Constraints (TOC). He claimed that in order to live a full and meaningful life we need to think clearly, and in order to think clearly there are four main obstacles that must be overcome. The work to overcome these 4 obstacles is now known in the TOC Community as the Pillars of TOC.

The TOC community has truly dismantled the first three obstacles. The first two days of the TOCICO International Conference were devoted to understanding Dr. Goldratt’s perspective on the fourth obstacle – thinking that “we know” and finding ways to erode it and to build the solid grounds of the fourth Pillar – “Never say I know”.

Leading People Through Change

The following materials were referenced during this video. For more information, please click below:

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