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With the Strategy and Tactic tool being perhaps the most powerful application of the Theory of Constraints, it is also not the easiest to create. Thankfully, a tool like this is already available for those who operate in a project environment. The Goldratt Strategy and Tactics program helps you easily apply the Strategy and Tactic tree for Project Management without the strenuous process of creating one and enables you to better understand the role and function of the tool.

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Dr. Goldratt delivers his latest development on the know-how to implement the TOC solution for managing projects (CCPM) to create a decisive competitive edge. View this extract of the first 50 minutes of the Goldratt Strategy and Tactics Program on Project Management (GST-CCPM) to judge its scope and quality.

Definition of Strategy and Tactic by Dr. Goldratt

Goldratt’s definition of Strategy and Tactics provides a clear answer to what is to be achieved, what for, and the common sense logic behind the HOW.

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