Making TOC the main way of managing organizations?

The Gestalt of TOC
by Dr. Eli Goldratt in one of his best presentations

Catching up with an Old Friend
by Rocco Surace

I wrote you about my time with Eli Goldratt in leading a Now and Into the Future session. It was a three day session, where Eli took the attendees on a journey, demonstrating what it will take to put your company on a sustainable path to becoming ever-flourishing.

It was very well received. How do I know that? Well, because most all of the attendees brought back additional members of their management team for a one day session follow up last April, so they too could experience Eli describing this journey…

…Eli went a little deeper as to specifically tying together the concepts of management attention, being the critical constrained resource, what is blocking a company from first believing they can develop their own Blue Ocean Strategy, and secondly, believing they can achieve it.

The management conflict that Eli exposed is amazingly simple. When management is already constrained by demands, like addressing pricing pressures, regulations, remaining competitive, employee issues, capital issues, the next strategic plan, business planning, market planning, customers demanding more for less, need I go on?

Is it any wonder that first there is no time, and second with all this badgering and demands, how can there be a belief that there can be a Blue Ocean Strategy for their products and services? In TOC parlance – the management conflict is, do things to sustain the company vs. do things to grow and secure the future of the company…

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This presentation was recorded in April 2011. The late Dr. Goldratt masterfully present the Theory of Constraints, NOT as a set of solutions to various aspects of an organization, but as a solid and practical management approach that enables stakeholders to bring and sustain their organization in levels of performance not seen before.

The Gestalt of TOC is a 3 hrs. video NOT released to the public and available to you when registering to the TOCICO 2012 International Conference through Goldratt Marketing.

Presenting The Gestalt of TOC

This video presentation shows:

  • The holistic aspect of the Theory the Constraints as a management approach
  • How every single piece of TOC is aimed to leverage from the constraint of every organization.
  • How and where the TOC solutions fit strategically and tactically to build a decisive competitive edge.
  • Why TOC enables engines of harmony that propel performance
  • Examples of how real companies and organizations have used TOC to achieve the above

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More details on how to view the complete 3hr video

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