TOCICO 2012 International Conference – Chicago, IL

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REGISTRATION to the 2012 International TOCICO Conference in Chicago IL, USA

The 2012 conference will focus on presentations that demonstrate applied research and new knowledge leveraging on the Standing on the Shoulders of Giants process.


The Gestalt of TOC

30 day Ondemand viewing of Dr. Goldratt’s NOW & INTO THE FUTURE presentation: The Gestalt of TOC

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The Goal Movie

30 days Ondemand viewing of THE GOAL MOVIE

As part of Dr. Goldratt’s Now & Into the Future presentation, the Goal Movie is used to show how the underlying concept within the story is applied to various scenarios yielding the same result.
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Membership gives you access to TOCICO webinars, special offers and notifications about TOCICO certification exams as well as its newsletter.

who want to:

  • be up to date with TOC knowledge development and application.
  • meet, discuss and interact with top TOC Professionals and companies implementing TOC from around the world.
  • be part of the growing and exclusive network of the Theory of Constraints.


  • learn how the TOC concepts are applied and what results they bring.
  • implement TOC and learn from the experience of others.
  • meet with top TOC Professionals from around the world.

AND ACADEMICS who want to:

  • learn the latest developments of the Theory of Constraints.
  • share ideas with practitioners and prospects.
  • get, expand or maintain their TOC certification.
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