Why should I even consider the TOC-Self Learning Program?

Why should I even consider the TOC-Self Learning Program?

"I found the process of viewing the modules on my PC at my own pace to work very good for me. In many ways it is better than going to a seminar, because I can go back over a section to get more info a second or third time.

I did not go through the modules in order. I skipped over the project mgt because I do project mgt all the time and didn’t think TOC had anything to offer that I didn’t already know. Well, I was wrong about that! This is the module that I have studied the most. I am now preparing to teach the TOC project mgt concepts to people in my company. I will start out with the people who work on new product development and fully expect to be asked to expand to include all of top mgt, Information Services, maintenance, and possible our sales mgt. The power of TOC project mgt can easily be demonstrated and adapted.

The measurement module outlines concepts for justifying investments in equipment and a way to look at make/buy decisions that I believe can have a huge immediate positive impact. The TOC method allows me to make better decisions, but they are controversial because the cost methods have been used for so long. I started viewing the sales module with little interest in sales, but it was the next CD so I started. This module has a lot of the answers I was looking for to help other people understand the bottom line results I was promoting in the make/buy decisions.

Through the years I have gone to numerous seminars. Quite often I come away thinking I paid too much and learned very little. The TOC Self Learning Programs are far better than any seminar I have ever been to. Each module has important, powerful concepts that can be used even if the topic is not in my area of influence.

The building of current reality trees is still very difficult for me. This area could use more work at least for me. The TOC methods are working for me and the SLP is a very good way to learn them. Thank you for your help. The CD’s are easy to understand and give me a better way to look at many decisions that I make."

Dennis Rooney
Director of Product Engineering
National Mfg. Co.

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