TOC Academic Materials

Licensed TOC materials for in-class use by faculty & students

The most comprehensive library of TOC resources like books, DVDs, CD-ROMs and multi-media can be found at and a wealth of over 500+ video presentations and success stories given by TOC professionals and the late Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt are exclusively available at in any of the TOC application or holistic areas:

Recognizing the need to have learning resources that are concise and clear, and that allow for opportunity to review and time to internalize knowledge, Goldratt Marketing has build powerful Academic offers for a variety of learning styles and formats (print, audio, simulation, presentation, video, CD, DVD, on-demand, etc…).

Academic pricing is currently and publicly available for teaching and learning resources on TOC. The special pricing available through our Academic offers has been reserved exclusively for the students and faculty of participating Academic institutions.

The details, terms and pricing for Academic Offers can be discussed on a one to one basis. Please send us an email to

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