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The Intermediate Objectives (IO) Map – The Foundation of Strategy Development and System Problem Solving
by H. William Dettmer
The Strategies & Tactics for Selling a Decisive Competitive Edge
by Lisa Scheinkopf
Implementing TOC: The new and Improved Relationship between the consultant and the client
by Lisa Scheinkopf
Breaking the Market Constraint: the speed to invent
by Suzan Bergland, Zion Bar-El
Project Management in a Lean World
by Dee Jacob, Bob Mendenhall
Integrating the TOC Thinking Process and Six Sigma
by Chris Zephro
Changing the Status Quo or…"Why don’t those @#$%^&* get it?!"
by H. William Dettmer
The Software Ramp
by Amir Schragenheim, Roei Raz, Yoel Amir
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