Special Package: The Basics of TOC & Finance and Measurements

Learning TOC principles to help drive change in your organization

Necessary & Sufficient
Basic overview of
"What is TOC"

An overview of TOC and its application to production, measurements, project management, distribution, information systems and technology. Goldratt reveals the management assumptions and rules which need to be changed in order to improve performance.


Self Learning Program for Finance
Judging actions & making the right decisions

How to bridge the gap between the bottom line measurements (P&L and the Balance Sheet) and the local measurements. Using T, I & OE as your compass and the Five Focusing Steps as the guide.


TOC Insights for Finance
In-depth knowledge

Deepen your understanding beyond the knowledge available in any other material for Finance or Measurements. Test your understanding with specific cases and Q&A.

Special Package Price for a limited time only!
Offer ends November 15th

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