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Sales process webinars
By Justin Roff-Marsh
Why CRM Sucks!
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The Death of Field Sales
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Your salespeople: four appointments a day; five days a week
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Substantial & NEW knowledge and developments from the TOC Community
TOCICO 2012 International Conference presentations
Get Answers!
Having implementation issues and not able to find the right answers? Problems getting buy in or dealing with resistance to change? Wanting the know-how or need to be up-to-date? Answers to your questions can be found in the various presentations offered by companies, TOC practitioners and consultants who have successfully implemented TOC. Case studies, testimonials and more!
Gain insight from Implementation Experiences
This is your opportunity to view presentations of how companies have used TOC to improve their performance. Learn from the successes and mistakes of those implementing TOC in the Food, Steal, Aerospace, Automotive, Jewelry, High Tech, Healthcare and Consumer Good industries.
Learn the Latest Developments
TOC has grown into a very powerful and total management solution, as such the body of TOC knowledge and significant advancements continue to grow. The TOCICO International Conferences are THE PLACE for sharing knowledge and developments within the TOC community. If you did not attend the conference, this is your chance to reap its benefits. Expand your understanding of the scope of TOC and learn about its latest developments.
Continue your Journey
Whether you have read some books on TOC or you have been working with TOC for many years, your journey with TOC and learning can continue for any level.
TOC Knowledge Insight  
Clarity on latest developments
Rami Goldratt provides clarity and Insight for some of the latest developments by Eli Goldratt.
Insight on implementations
As a result of implementing TOC on the Viable Vision projects new insight has also been developed on TOC Concepts.
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