2012 Year end message

Our gratitude for 12 years of service

Over these last 12 years, Goldratt’s Marketing Group has had the pleasure to serve the TOC community, and we sincerely thank you for the trust and support you have shown in us. The evolution of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) has been remarkable and the future looks even more promising. The development of the TOC knowledge is growing significantly and possibly at a rate that is difficult to follow and internalize.

As such, we would like to assure you of our commitment to further extend in making TOC knowledge readily available. This coming year, we will devote time to bringing learning resources closer to you, and offering new and challenging opportunities to learn and apply TOC to your environment.

Earn a Holiday BONUS! Shop with us before January 6thWe will work to strengthen and improve our ways of interacting with you. Our websites www.TOC-Goldratt.com and www.TOC.tv will continue to evolve, bringing the latest news, articles, videos, books and learning products to your fingertips. Our global partner network will continue to provide a regional source for your TOC products. Through our fast-growing TOC Weekly newsletter, we will make valuable knowledge accessible on a weekly basis. We encourage you to invite your colleagues and friends to subscribe to TOC Weekly, so that they can also benefit from the free videos, articles, discount coupons and news featured in each issue.

As this year reaches its final days, we would like to take this time to wish you a happy holiday season and a very successful 2013!

Goldratt Marketing
“Making TOC knowledge readily available”

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