A detailed yet practical approach for:

Buffer sizing in projects
Goldilocks and the Three Buffers

(30 min)
How do you know if your project buffer is the right size to immunize your project? This session covers the type of elements that can impact buffer sizing, task variability, iteration variability, known/ unknowns and risk, and it focuses on how to use traditional methods to tell if the buffer is too small or is appropriate given the variation at hand.

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Project Management Systems Theory Taught Through Games

This article introduces three hands-on games that involve individuals in simple experiments that shift their understanding, highlight the solutions to these problems and allow them to teach others how to manage high performance projects.

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Using TOC in your Sales Process
The Cash Machine

(37 min)
This presentation is about Sales -its functional organization and management- as a process. It provides:

  1. Understanding the potential of TOC in a new area.
  2. Learning how to level sales assets usage along the entire year.
  3. Usage of sales data to point to constraints in the sales process.
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