Theory of Constraints means FOCUS

and HOW
to Focus?
Learn where and how to focus when dealing with Production, Finance, Measurements, Project Management, Engineering, Distribution and Supply Chain, Marketing, Sales and Buy-in, Managing People and Strategy and Tactics. This SOLUTION will provide a holistic perspective and a focused approach for implementing the RIGHT changes and achieving IMMEDIATE results within an organization.

1. Operations
DBR and Buffer Management

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5. Marketing
Un-refusable Offers and Market Segmentation

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2. Finance and Measurements
T, I & OE and Throughput Accounting

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6. Sales and

Overcoming Resistance and Handling Reservations

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3. Project Management & Engineering
Critical Chain (CCPM) and Product Development

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7. Managing People
Communication and Team Building

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4. Distribution & Supply Chain
Pull System and Replenishment

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8. Strategy and Tactics
Immunizing the Future of your Company

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The TOC SOLUTION for learning WHERE & HOW to FOCUS

The most comprehensive educational training tool for individuals or groups interested to:

  • Absorb an in-depth analysis and learn the corresponding TOC solution for every functional area
  • Acquire simple solutions that bring immediate results
  • Gain practical know-how that can be put to work right away and significantly increase performance
  • Have a comprehensive and holistic learning resource to complement a development library
  • Use resources that will support the transfer of TOC knowledge in an academic environment

    Start now! Choose the right material for your needs:

Individual Training Group Training
TOC – Self Learning Program

GSP Series

Ideal for:

  • As a self learning tool for an individual
  • For learning at one’s own speed and easily
    review any of the material as needed
  • As a resource to help prepare for TOC

Ideal for:

  • A resource tool for group training
  • For transferring knowledge throughout
    every level of an organization
  • Used to gain consensus from different
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