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The conflict between growth and stability by Rami Goldratt
(30 min) Rami Goldratt goes into the detail of the conflict that exists between organizational growth and the need to maintain stability. He shows how companies oscilate on a day-to-day baisis between these two necessary conditions when taking actions to improve and keep its operation. Finally Rami offers the way out for every company to resolve this conflict.
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In a Hi-Tech Environment by Paul Balmforth, Duncan Patrick
(29 min) Teledyne Dalsa Digital Imaging shares how it went from manufacturing 1000 cameras per month with 66% on time delivery and a lead time of 10-12 weeks to producing 3600 cameras per month with the same resources with 98.3% on time delivery and 6 days lead time. This presentation shares the TOC Replenishment solution and offers practical formulas, example and concepts to walk away and apply in your own organization.
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A Viable Vision Template by Patrick Hoefsmit
(23 min) Availability insurance is one of the templates for Viable Visions. As a win-win deal, the template will define if ensuring availability is applicable to a company. This presentation includes examples, conditions for applicability, core cloud for the client, blocking factors, elements of the offer, benefits for the client & supplier and a comparison with other Viable Vision templates.
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