Become effective and efficient when managing projects

The Goldratt’s Strategy and Tactic
for Project Management Environments

(10 hrs)
English, Spanish, Portuguese

Available on DVD, Download, or Online through

A road map to bring a project-based company to be ever-flourishing.

A comprehensive view of what and how to implement the TOC solution for Project Management Execution

By applying the TOC solution called Critical Chain Project Management, lead times are immediately reduced, capacity is revealed, quality is increased and therefore companies are able to take on more projects with the same resources, realizing more revenue and rapidly growing in their industry.

A truly Decisive Competitive Edge solution. A detailed step-by-step explanation on the elements to build, capitalize and sustain a Decisive Competitive Edge in Project-based environments.

The Single User License is ideal:

  • To understand how Critical Chain Project Management fits as part of an overall implementation plan.
  • To learn the what, how, why and when of each implementation element.
  • To gain an understanding of the S&T as applied to a project-based environment.
  • For self learning at your own speed and easily review the material, as needed.

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The Company License is ideal:

  • For group education and deeply understanding the implementation step.
  • To communicate and synchronize required implementation actions.
  • To gain consensus from all stakeholders required to bring the company to ever flourishing.
  • As a step-by-step implementation guide.
  • As a reference for implementation progress and deviation identification.

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