Challenges in Project Management

A CEO’s Conclave for Executing Projects Faster
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Project Flow is an industry leading Global Conference on Project Execution which is conducted annually by Realization Technologies Inc.

While Projects are essential for any enterprise growth, they pose a huge challenge for the enterprise management. Most projects are late, risking ROI while draining management’s attention and causing everyone to multitask between ongoing operations and project management.

Project Flow 2012 A CEO’s Conclave for Executing Projects Faster brought together leaders from industry sectors like Infrastructure and Manufacturing Expansions across India at one Platform to discuss these challenges and review case studies of companies in India and around the world which solved this problem by implementing Synchronized Project Management.

Synchronized Project Management is an emerging standard in project execution. It helps organizations run projects 20-50% faster than industry norms. It has already been implemented by 200+ organizations worldwide such as Boeing, NASA, Lufthansa, HP and SAP, and by Indian companies like Dr. Reddy’s, L&T, Trident, TATA Steel, Vardhman and now across all infrastructure Projects in the state of Bihar. Companies have realized over US$ 3.5 billion in cash and profits.

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10-day shutdown on existing plant completed in only 9 days at Vardhman Special Steel Limited by Sachit Jain

(26 min)
Estimated duration: 16+ months.
Projected to complete in 13 months.
Project on time after 10 months of execution.
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