Maximizing Six Sigma Effectiveness

TOC and Six Sigma – Better Together An article from Focused Performance
With my reputation as a vocal proponent of the Theory of Constraints as a framework for management and improvement I often get asked about how it compares with Six Sigma. Coming from a pre-independent background that included working for a pre-six-sigma, mature TQM, Baldrige-winning company that was big into process management, I feel pretty comfortable in both realms. (Despite being a “sans-a-belt” practitioner.) 

The two approaches do come to improvement from different directions, although that is not to say that they are in any way incompatible. But rather than rely purely on my own interpretation of Six Sigma, here’s a description of it from the Six Sigma Forum…

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Obtain the maximum results possibleUsing TOC-TP as a Guide to Integrate Lean, Six Sigma, Process Management and TOC Solutions for Business Improvement by Eduardo Correa de Moura
(29 min) In order to obtain the maximum results possible, it is essential to integrate the contributions of Lean, Six Sigma, Process Management and the Theory of Constraints (TOC). Each business improvement methodology brings paradigm shift philosophy and provides a system-wide perspective relevant for business. This presentation shows how to use the TOC Thinking Processes to integrate these approaches for business improvement.
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