Can a manager really motivate others?

Engines of Disharmony
An article by Martin Powell

Imagine that a manager offers two different team members a trip to an international sporting event if the project they are working on is delivered successfully. One of them changes the way she is behaving towards difficulties; some people even comment on how motivated she is; the other one continues as before. They both chose their personal response to the trigger by the manager. So what can a manager do?
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Engines of Disharmony by Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt
Presented by Lisa Scheinkopf

(40 min)
Every manager…is well aware of the impact of increasing the motivation, initiative, synchronization, willingness to collaborate and communication among his people. All those “soft” issues are actually the hardest, most important ingredients that determine the capabilities of the company. Unfortunately, the prevailing approach to improving these issues revolves around dealing directly with the people. Let’s take motivation as an example. As long as we think that the way to increase a person’s motivation is to talk with him, don’t we actually assume that the cause for his lack of sufficient motivation resides with the person himself?
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