Using Critical Chain to break the World Speed Record for Building a House

Habitat For Humanity An article by Goldratt Centre UK

Warren Jack is the owner of the dream to break the Habitat for Humanity World Speed Record for building a house, and Chairman for the Planning Team. He said “The technique of Goldratt’s Critical Chain technique was one of the two Key Success factors that enabled the Speedbuild team to set a new Habitat World Record. The second was the wall construction method developed in New Zealand by Laser Systems Ltd under the trademark “Laserbilt”. This system utilises panels made from 36mm particle board 2.4 metres high and up to 7.2 metres long.

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The fastest House in the World
by Habitat for Humanity

(40 min)
Habitat for Humanity presents the world record for building a house in less than 4 hours. John Parr, the TOC Consultant, uses Critical Chain Project Management to bring the team to smash the previous world record by a massive 55 minutes.
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