Meetings, damn meetings Engines of Disharmony #4 and #5

By Martin Powell

Whether we talk about formal meetings, group discussions or informal ones where people just grab you and start on a subject matter, there is general consensus that we spend too much time in them. They are a huge waste of time – which we will never get back – and energy, which modern day business seems to drain from us often without providing us with enough successes to boost that energy

Yes you can engage all those "time management" techniques and "meeting protocols" and for a while things may improve – however, you are only dealing with symptoms and we all know that if you do not deal with the real causes the "disease" comes back!

The previous article, "Can a manager really motivate others – Engines of Disharmony", outlined the 5 Engines of Disharmony defined by Dr. Goldratt, explaining the impact on synchronisation, motivation and indeed the culture of an organisation. That article also outlined how to tackle the first 3 and align everyone on the same Strategies and Tactics.

This is great for the bigger picture but what about day to day – the detailed work that people have to do and the detailed decisions that have to be made. Here we can waste significant time and energy unless we tackle the 4th and 5th engines.

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