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The importance of the "soft-side"
by Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt

(7 min)

Dr. Goldratt shares his realization on the importance of the human relations in having an every-flourishing company. His experience in Japan revealed how TOC should not only be results oriented, but its implementation should be aimed to eliminate the so called "engines of disharmony".

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How people grow in TOC
by Yuji Kishira

(28 min)

In Japan the results of implementing TOC in several companies yields the similar results: performance improves dramatically and WA "harmony" is achieved. The presentation explains how the 4 TOC Pillars (inherent simplicity, every conflict can be removed, people are good, never say I know) and the S&T tools can allow people to grow and evaporate the disharmony whereby bringing Harmony to a company, its employees and stakeholders.

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