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The Goldratt Satellite Program

Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt exposes viewers to a comprehensive and holistic perspective of the TOC concepts which can improve the performance of the company and the tools to bring companies on a process of ongoing improvement. The GSP Series will help guide your company in implementing the RIGHT changes and achieving IMMEDIATE results within the organization.


20 hours of learning the foundation of ALL TOC applications:

  • Operations – DBR and Buffer Management
  • Finance and Measurements – T, I & OE and Throughput Accounting
  • Project Management and Engineering – Critical Chain (CCPM) and Product Development
  • Distribution and Supply Chain -Pull System and Replenishment
  • Marketing – Unrefusable Offers and Market Segmentation
  • Sales and Buy-in – Overcoming Resistance and Handling Reservations
  • Managing People – Communication and Team Building
  • Strategy and Tactics – Immunizing the Future of your Company

Michael Schibley
Manager of Planning – Aerospace, Timken Aerospace & Super Precision
“Since Timken Aerospace began to adopt TOC in our master schedule and operational thinking, along with other continuous improvement efforts we have made steady improvements. I’m pleased to inform you that our flow is much better, and throughput dollar days have been reduced by 97%. The lessons from the video series are still being applied and our customers are very happy.”

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