How to Build, Capitalize & Sustain a Decisive Competitive Edge

Goldratt’s Strategy and Tactic Program

Critical Chain Project Management –

How to(c) implement!

The Goldratt Strategy and Tactic Program shows how to focus on the few things that will create the biggest impact, and why, when and how to put attention to them.

Dr. Goldratt gives managers a focused, step-by-step process to reach levels of performance never thought of before.

Moving from Make to Stock (MTS) to Make to Availability (MTA) – GST MTA

Manoj Agarwal, Managing Director,
Thru-Put Management Systems Private Limited.

GST has helped me by providing the right context for key changes that impact speed and effectiveness of CCPM implementations. The fact that Eli himself delivers the sessions brought all senior managers on the table, thus providing the right forums where these decisions were taken. In most cases, the real obstacles stood out to the whole team, which could be then tackled more effectively than before.

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