TOC Applications Practitioner Program – TOCAPP

9 Sep 2013 – 21 Feb 2014
Tallinn, Estonia

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Oded Cohen and Jelena Fedurko are starting a comprehensive TOC Program – TOCAPP – in Tallinn, Estonia starting from September 2013. The program is structured in such a way that participants can take all program or only some of the modules. This is the only comprehensive program of the type run in Europe.


The TOCAPP dates and the titles of the modules are below:

Dates # of days Module
9-12 Sept 2013 4 days Module 1: Production the TOC Way (MTO, MTA, PTA)
8-9 Oct 2013 2 days Module 2: Throughput Accounting and Local Operational Indicators for Managerial Decisions
10-11 Oct 2013 2 days Module 3: TOC Replenishment Solution for Distribution
9-12 Dec 2013 4 days Module 4: TOC Thinking Processes
13-14 Jan 2014 2 days Module 5: CCPM – Project Management theTOC Way
15-16 Jan 2014 2 days Module 6: Marketing and Sales Management the TOC Way
17-20 Feb 2014 4 days Module 7: Before the implementation – conducting Current Reality Study (CRS) of the environment and working with Strategy and Tactics Trees
21 Feb 2014 1 day Written certification exam



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