Understand WHERE and HOW to Focus

TOC Self Learning Programs

Project Management and Engineering
Critical Chain (CCPM) and Product

Communication and Team Building
Strategy and Tactics
Immunizing the Future of your Company
Unrefusable Offers and Market Segmentation
DBR and Buffer Management
Sales and

Overcoming Resistance and Handling Reservations
Finance and Measurements
T, I & OE and Throughput Accounting
Distribution and Supply Chain
Pull System and Replenishment


Ken Fullerton
Medical Director
Belfast City Hospital Trust. 

“It was very useful to be able to dip into and out of the course as time permitted. After running through the programme once, I found it invaluable to be able to go back to key modules and refresh my memory in the context of dealing with real problems. This has been very important to me as I have been trying to apply TOC principles in novel areas. A more traditional seminar series would not have been nearly so useful.”

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