Insights to the “know how”

The know-how of “what to change” and “what to change to”

Analyze and learn the Theory of Constraints (TOC) applied to these logistical areas:

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Production is limited by cost-world mentality | top
Transform production to increased performance levels by changing to throughout-world mentality.TOC Insights into Operations: Learn the Drum-Buffer-Rope (the logistics) and Buffer Management (the control) to operate under the throughput-world mentality and improve your production environment.

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Cost accounting is public enemy #1 of productivity | top
Focus on simple measures to identify, measure and resolve what limits an organization from reaching its goal.TOC Insights into Finance and Measurements: Learn the significant impact of using Throughput Accounting on judging the system as a whole, profit centers, investment on equipment, make/buy alternatives, and product/service profit.

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Stop multi-tasking | top
Allow projects and product developments to finish on time, within budget and without compromising on the original specifications.TOC Insights into Project Management and Engineering: Learn Critical Chain and its approach to deal with dependency, variability, multitasking and staggering to significantly improve execution performance results in project based environments.

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Until the end user has purchased no one has sold | top
Ensure very high availability with very low inventory levels by switching from a push to pull mode of operation.
TOC Insights into Distribution and Supply Chain: Learn and understand the Pull System and Replenishment approach to manage and measure the supply chain and distribution system of any organization.

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