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How to use a simple Prerequisite Tree
A question to professor Danilo Sirias:

I recall that during your breakout session at Nottingham you demonstrated how you use a simple Prerequisite Tree – I think it was to come up with a teaching plan? – and Eli Goldratt asked why you’d not yet turned it into a Transition Tree. I remember thinking at the time that it didn’t seem to need anymore fleshing out. I’ve also read as much as I can find about TOCFE and there’s no mention of the TT. This is a rather long build up to a simple question: TOCFE seems to rely on 3 TOC TP tools – the cloud, the ambitious target, and the branch – can you explain how you use each of these in education and if you use any of the other tools? 

Check out the answer from Professor Danilo Sirias ยป

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