10th Annual International TOCPA Conference

21st – 22nd February, 2014 – Noida, India
Organizations often try to improve their performance by utilizing all their resources as much as possible rather than focusing on what really prevents them from improving.

Theory of Constraints (TOC), the ground-breaking management and improvement methodology developed by Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt, helps organizations in focusing on the constraints and thereby achieve goals in relatively short time.

Theory of Constraints Practitioners Alliance (TOCPA) is aimed at giving TOC practitioners, champions and early enthusiasts, an opportunity and ability to grow their knowledge and address practical issues and challenges that they face in their quest of bringing TOC to their organizations or to their clients.

The TOCPA Conference is a Sharing experience and discusses the latest developments in TOC implementations.

The conference will focus on the following subjects:

  • TOC for Production
  • TOC for Distribution and Supply chain
  • TOC for Project Management – CCPM
  • TOC for Services
  • TOC for financial managerial decisions
  • Thinking Processes

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