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Introduction to TOC – My Perspective Part 1
by Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt 


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Dr. Goldratt, developer of the Theory of Constraints, presents the evolution of TOC: the whys and the hows.

Through an historical perspective, using the chapter he wrote for the TOC Handbook, Dr. Goldratt provides refreshing insights on the essence of the TOC Body of Knowledge and its development.

In this first part, he covers the topics of focus, constraints and non-constraints, measurements, and an introduction to the TOC applications called Drum-Buffer-Rope and Buffer Management.


eBook – Introduction to TOC – My Perspective
(Chapter 1 of the Theory of Constraints Handbook)
Dr. Goldratt gives his perspective on what TOC is; its goals and objectives, and the state of its progress in bringing about improvement. Dr. Goldratt discusses the evolution of TOC: how the identification of major system problems led to the development of solutions and significant system improvement only to surface the next system problem …. Thus the evolution of TOC followed the natural scientific approach to system improvement.
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