TOC eBooks and eDocuments on Thinking Processes

Master the TOC Thinking Processes:

  • Learn how to find out the core problem of a complex situation in business or life!
  • Learn how to come up with innovative long lasting solutions to problems!
  • Learn how to communicate your thinking effectively to others!
Daily Management with TOC by Oded Cohen
The TOC Thinking Processes by Victoria J. Mabin and John Davies
Theory of Constraints in Prisons by Christina Cheng
Theory of Constraints for Personal Productivity/Dilemmas by James F. Cox III and John G. Schleier, Jr.
Thinking Processes Including S&T Trees by Lisa J. Scheinkopf
TOC for Education by Kathy Suerken
Storytelling for Better Behaviour by Debi Roberts
Strategic Navigation: A Systems Approach to Business Strategy by H. William Dettmer
Success…an Adventure by Alejandrina Gonzalez, Danilo Sirias, Aurora Guerra , Marina Rodriguez, Evangelina Salazar
The Logical Thinking Process: A Systems Approach to Complex Problem Solving by H. William Dettmer
TOC-TP Categories of Legitimate Reservation (CLR) (FREE)
Embracing Change vs Resistance to Change (FREE)
Strategy and Tactics by Eli Goldratt, Rami Goldratt, Eli Abramov (FREE)

Behind the Cloud – Enhancing logical thinking by Jelena Fedurko
A book that can help you to significantly improve the construction of proper clouds and to better use them for solving problems.
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Through Clouds To Solutions – Working with UDEs and UDE clouds by Jelena Fedurko
Jelena outlines in a very clear way what should be done and how it should be done, as well as examples of mistakes and things that should not be done.
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