“Project Management Top Ten” by Martin Powell

Too often performance improvement in businesses gets into the hands of the “tool-heads”and the focus is on getting people to use the tool set of the methodology or approach, rather than tackling the fundamental thinking that maintains poor results. This usually leads to average or less than average results from improvement initiatives and “savings”that never seem to come through to the bottom line.

If Project Management is important or interesting to you, your colleagues and your business, then you will want to explore this article which is the TOP 10 Erroneous Paradigms in Project Management.

If when you read the top ten you thought – that makes sense to me – then you better think again. If you can understand how these assumptions and paradigms are possibly erroneous then you should explore more how they impact your organisation. Test them out by asking other people – don’t do them all together – do them one at a time.

Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) tackles all these paradigms – in that way it is simple;even common sense. Unfortunately common sense is rarely common practice!

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