TOC eBooks and eDocuments on Operations DBR and Buffer Management

  • Examine an in-depth analysis of the problems
  • Exploit current operations and capitalize on existing resources
  • Reveal powerful TOC solutions

A Review of Literature on Drum-Buffer-Rope, Buffer Management and Distribution by John H. Blackstone Jr.

DBR, Buffer Management, and VATI Flow Classification by Mokshagundam (Shri) Srikanth

Improving System Performance: The Theory of Constraints and an Application in a Production Firm by Badahir Gülsün, Senim Özgörler, Engin Kurtcan, Erkam Güresen

Managing Make-to-Stock and the Concept of Make-to-Availability by Eli Schragenheim

Using Theory of Constraints to Teach Supply Chain Management in the Manufacturing and Marketing Classroom by James T. Low

S&T Tree – Consumer Goods – Inventory Turns (FREE)
S&T Tree – Reliable Rapid Response (FREE)
Ever Improve: A guide to managing production the TOC way by Oded Cohen | top
Contains the knowledge and the underlying logic of the MTO solution and outlines the content of the implementation part and includes three of four parts.
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From DBR to Simplified-DBR for Make-to-Order by Eli Schragenheim | top
It focuses in Simplified-Drum-buffer-rope (S-DBR) and the transition of the understanding that paved the way from DBR to S-DBR.
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