TOC Thinking: Removing Constraints for Business Growth
by Yishai Ashlag

This book reveals the practical management philosophy through fifteen areas including how to deal with uncertainty,  complexity and conflicts, growth strategy, and also addresses the  flow of executing this philosophy throughout the different elements of operation. The first half highlights major management errors and their implications. The second half focuses on the building blocks of Dr. Goldratt’s approach for sustainable growth and success. 

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Pearls of Wisdom from Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt: Uncertainty by Yishai Ashlag

(10 min)
Reality is full of uncertainty, yet managers are expected to deliver certain results, and conventional tools for forecasting, budgeting and planning force certainty and accuracy on uncertain situations. Listen as Yishai Ashlag shares insights on Dr. Goldratt’s perspective of “don’t force certainty on uncertain situations” as one of Dr. Goldratt’s Pearls of Wisdom.
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Pride and Joy by Alex Knight 

Written as a business novel about a struggling hospital, Pride and Joy takes the reader through a journey of discovery into why good people with good intent struggle to achieve a breakthrough in performance. It offers a practical way to address the core problem of our health systems and achieve high-quality, patient-centered affordable care for all. 

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Fifteen year progress report on achieving breakthroughs in health and social care using the Theory of Constraints by Alex Knight

(40 min)
This presentation details how TOC has been applied in healthcare over the past 15 years, and specfically addresses: 

  • History of the progress to date
  • Theory in practice and practice in theory − identifying and explaining the inherent simplicity
  • Lessons learnt: opening a new market, building the detailed solutions, building the supporting software, creating the consulting capability
  • What next for health and social care?
  • Implications for opening other industries (legal and financial services)
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Critical Chain Project Management – 3rd edition
by Lawrence P. Leach

The NEW third edition is packed with fresh, field-tested insights on how to plan, lead, and complete projects with unprecedented efficiency. This cutting-edge work spells out all the critical chain project management (CCPM) techniques, tools, and theory managers need to develop critical chain solutions and apply them to their challenging projects. Moreover, the book helps managers master key project skills not covered in other critical chain books, such as scope control and risk management. 

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