NEW Video! Never released before…Part 3

Dr. Goldratt, developer of the Theory of Constraints continues with an historical perspective of the development of the TOC Body of Knowledge.
In this third part, he addresses the application of TOC to environments other than production/operations. Goldratt shows how his books include significant amounts of knowledge, like the formal know-how to get buy-in or the process to invent as shown in Isn’t It Obvious.
Dr. Goldratt explains the application of the five focusing steps to an environment like Retail. The last third of the presentation addresses the topic of the developement of the Thinking Processes and the significant impact that these brought to the Theory of Constraints evolution.

Introduction to TOC – My Perspective
Dr. Goldratt, developer of the Theory of Constraints, gives his perspective on what TOC is. This chapter of the TOC Handbook presents the evolution of TOC bringing the scientific approach to major system problems.
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Isn’t It Obvious?
This book does for Retailing what “The Goal”, did for manufacturing. The elegant but simple solutions give the reader that sensation that followers love about Goldratt: “Ah-ha! Now I get it!” And that’s when Goldratt says:”Isn’t It Obvious?” 

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