TOC Thinking Tools – Animated for Children

Roni’s thinking games

This animated series has been developed by TOC for Education based on the thinking tools of the Theory of Constraints. ┬áThe short animation uses simple cause and effect games to help think creatively and clearly. Teaching children and adults the Thinking Processes allows them to link between actions and consequences and create new and better solutions in daily situations; to develop self – control over impulsive behavior; and foster interpersonal skills.

In the Shower
Telling a Story
The Turtle
The Bag
These animations were developed by TOC for Education Israel, with the financial support of the Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt Foundation.
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  1. Avinash Kulkarni says:

    I can’t open or download the video clips of Roni’s thinking games.Can you tell me the reasons.

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