2014 TOC for Education Virtual Conference

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TOC for Education is a not for profit organization founded in 1995 by Dr. Eli Goldratt to enable children, and all who lead them worldwide, to learn and apply the logic based tools and common sense methodologies of Theory of Constraints.

Presentations led by TOCfE specialists from more than 10 countries on 4 continents
Includes introductory tutorials/demonstrations of TOC tools along with applications:

  • Keynote: Rami Goldratt – Dr. Goldratt’s Thinking on Leading a Full Life
  • Using TOC to Addresss Bullying
  • TOC as a Peace Process
  • The Use of TOC to Address Student Issues at an Urban College
  • Creating Sustainable, Ever-Flourishing Learning
  • Holistic Management of School Systems
  • Teens under stress
  • Children Who Have Severe Physical and Cognitive Disabilities
  • Sports: Sport Team Building. A Coaching Case of Implementing Autonomy in an Elementary School Soccer Team
  • Leadership Development for Children and Adults

Once registered, you may attend just one session or as many as you like. You will have access to GO TO MEETING to attend this event.

Don’t miss this opportunity! It’s FREE!

Click here for registration instructions →

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