Failures in the High Street

Theory of Constraints in Practice – Chapter 1
by Martin Powell, Director of Goldratt Solutions Ltd. and The Goldratt Centre Ltd

Failures in Retail are usually caused by the businesses just running out of cash – in other words they have borrowed too much, their inventories are too high and when sales drop so does the cash flow. The banks lose confidence and pull the plug. Let us explore where the real problem lies for retail and the pivotal change that is needed to build a decisive competitive advantage without taking too many risks.

There are the “yes I see the benefits of the direction but ……” reservations. What about new products? What about running full trucks? What about seasonal products? What about …..? All of these reservations can and have been dealt by companies that have implemented the solution, although the exact way each is handled depends very much on the specific case and the decisions of management. These reservations are dealt with under the heading of “how to cause the change?”. This chapter includes four public presentations with implementation steps and results.

If you are the sort of person who looks at what others have done and usually says β€œyes I can accept that they got results but we are different……” then stop reading this article now. If you are more open to see the commonality then READ ON β†’

Isn’t It Obvious?
by Eliyahu M. Goldratt

This book is to retail what The Goal is for manufactuing


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