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Thinking Processes / New Frontiers
Level of TOC knowledge: All

Length: 28 min
Introduction to TOC – My perspective Part 5 by Eli Goldratt
Service / Information Technology
Level of TOC knowledge: Intermediate, Advanced

Length: 50 min
Towards a framework for managing knowledge work
by David Anderson
Retail / Consumer Goods / Replenishment
Level of TOC knowledge: Intermediate, Advanced

Length: 48 min
Retail the Toc Way – How to implement
by Humberto Baptista
Ever Flourishing / Viable Vision / POOGI
Level of TOC knowledge: Advanced

Length: 62 min
S&T Implementation Audit Process
by Eli Goldratt

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Mining / Exploration Industry
Level of TOC knowledge: Introductory, Intermediate

Length: 31 min
TOC for Mining – The productivity choice
by Henning du Preez
Operations / Production
Level of TOC knowledge: Intermediate

Length: 93 min
What’s really new in Simplified DBR
by Eli Schragenheim
Project Management / Engineering
Level of TOC knowledge: Intermediate, Advanced

Length: 30 min
Intervention – what to do when things go wrong? by Steve Weiser
Education / Personal Development
Level of TOC knowledge: Introductory

Length: 2 min
Roni’s Thinking Games: Hot soup
by TOC for Education

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