Goldratt Thinking Process Jonah Workshop

Find the inherent simplicity in your own environment and gain the know how to implement and take advantage of it.

Significantly improve YOUR personal effectiveness!

This groundbreaking workshop is the place to:
  • Learn the Thinking Processes (TP) first hand
  • Apply the TP directly to your environment
  • Emerge with clearly defined solutions
  • Overview the strategy and tactics tree
This hands-on workshop offers individualized training. Due to the level and quality of personal instruction required, this workshop will be led by at least TWO Instructors all the time, that are TOC Certified and bring vast knowledge and years of experience in teaching as well as using the Goldratt Thinking Processes.

Limited to 10 participants. Throughout the entire process Instructors will be able to work with each participant on a one-to-one basis and individually guide participants through their learning and application of the Thinking Processes.

The Goldratt Thinking Processes allow participants to succeed in building on intuition to significantly improve personal effectiveness!

Your learning continues AFTER the Workshop:
Includes TWO powerful resources to support your journey

Full Access to
1 year of exclusive access
with full member benefits

TOC Handbook
Includes all 38 chapters
in eBook format

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